Tell Them Thanks is a group whose mission is to support our Military Heroes who are deployed abroad.  We want every Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor and Guardsman to hear their names called at Mail Call.  Our dedicated members “adopt” one or more Service Members and then support them for the length of their deployment. Our members are required to send at least one letter a month, but many of them write more often and send care packages as well.

If you would like to adopt a Service Member, please fill out an application under “Adopt a Service Member.” 

If you are a Service Member and would like to be adopted, please fill out an application under “Service Members Sign Up Here!” and we’ll get you adopted right away!  

We would like to thank our friends at GKG.net for demonstrating their support of our troops by donating the hosting of the site and forum for TellThemThanks.com. We appreciate it!

Thank you also to Joe Gutknecht for the use of his New American Eagle (American Eagle). Joe may be reached at: misterijoe@charter.net. You can view his artwork at  www.dreamcapers.com.